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The "Career Development Center"

Focus...Goals...Results...LOYALTY  Helping graduates to launch their career, while benefiting companies ...We place university and college graduates on a paid internship, where there is a full time job opening. Internships help graduates secure the much needed experience they require to launch their career.  Internships help companies to save money while trying a loyal graduate who comes to them with no bad habits, high energy, dedication and no resistance to change or corporate culture .

Over 90% of the graduates placed on Internship have received a full time job offer. Over 55% of the Interns become first or second level managers within 3 to 4 years and over 92% are still with the same company they interned with. Long term loyalty in a world where most people change jobs every few years is a tremendous asset and savings for employers.

HIRING HERO....We salute all companies who have given a recent graduate a chance to prove themselves.

To receive references please email: Debbie at this website.

Graduates seeking a chance to prove their worth: Computer Science, MCSE, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, International Business, Engineering (all disciplines), Business Administration, Commerce, Robotics, Science (all majors), Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce and more. Many have a Masters degree or two different degree combinations.

                  for those with post secondary education
Canada: 23.7 % of Youth are under employed.

JOBS - The following is a sample of the entry level Intern jobs: Accountant, Sales, Computer Programmer, Database designer, Engineer, Marketing, International Marketing (with language skills), Business Development, Technical Sales, Network Technician, Supply Chain Management, Project Manager, Medical Services Specialist and Regulatory Affairs Associate for pharmaceutical firms and more......

PROGRAM CRITERIA    YOUTH: age 32 and under, Canadian Citizen.

EMPLOYER BENEFITS: Extend the probationary period - try an Intern for 4 months, no obligation to hire. Save time and money. Interns are open to new ideas, challenges and change. And, they do not have bad habits. You can train/mold them to your corporate culture. Best of all, Interns are loyal. Reduce your employee turnover cost !

QUOTE from Employers: "The Graduate Internship Program was the perfect vehicle for our company. Not only was it helpful in locating a candidate with a specialized skill set but it allowed us to minimize our risk by working with an intern before committing to a full time position."    Sid Tannenbaum,  Director of Marketing.

EDUCOM's executive are extremely pleased with the results of the internship program.  We offered full time employment to all of the candidates provided to us. We will use this program again and will highly recommend it to everyone but our competition." Andrew Moffat, CEO, EDUCOM

QUOTES from Interns: "The Internship helped me launch my career, and as a Manager I want to mentor an Intern of my own to help someone else launch their career". Joe Gerard, Vice President and Kathy Strapac, Manager

"Thank you for the Internship opportunity. While my education prepared me, I lacked extensive work experience. The Internship gave me the practical experience needed to launch my career with the host employer."
Dan Correll, Network Specialist (promoted from Junior Network Specialist)

"The Internship helped me launch my career" Harry Han, Manager and Mark Miller

Canada please call Toll Free (866) 669-9758

Email: Info at this website.

Europe please email:  Info at this website.