More Tips

The Job Search:
Have you listed your resume on all the free web sites?

Update your resume weekly (Sunday night for instance) simply be accessing your resume, so that it comes up in searches as current. Keep a list of where your resume is posted. Job searching has to be a disciplined job. If your resume is not updated it will not come up in a search requesting recent resumes. If your resume does come up in a search and it has not been updated recently, say for 21 days, the reader assumes you are no longer looking for work.

Networking: The most important method of securing a career launching job is networking with everyone you know and everyone they know. Ask everyone you know, "who do you know that may hire someone with my degree?". Ask for opinions "If you were a recent graduate in my discipline, who would you contact".  We find so often graduates know CEO's or their family has contacts in high places, however the graduate does not utilize these contacts. If you do not want to ask a contact for a job, ask their opinion "Who would you contact if you were me?" Remember, every taxpayer has contributed to your education so it is in every ones best interests to see you with a good job so that you can pay taxes and contribute back into the education of others. People do want to help you, but you have to ask.


Employers prefer to see your education evaluated by World Education Services in order to interpret and compare to Canada education standards.