Tips and Hints

Resume tips;
1. It can be very effective to put a quote from a reference at the top of your resume or at the beginning of your cover letter, (or both) along with their title and company name.
2. List your references. We know all the books say "references to be furnished upon request", however, corporations and organizations disagree.
References are not a deep dark secret. Listing the name, position, organization, telephone, email says three things;
a) I am not afraid of being checked out, here is the info and b) these are the calibre of people who have agreed to be a reference for me.  c) The biggest advantage is THE READER MAY KNOW ONE OF YOUR REFERENCES which gives you an immediate advantage.
3. Do not worry about how long your resume is.  Use page 1 for the objective & overview/summary including language skills, then list your education, projects, co-op, work experience, volunteer work, hobbies/interests, course list and references. 
4. Have you included all the project work you did while at school? Sometimes grads forget to add that info.
5. If you did co-op, is that included?
6. Don't forget to list volunteer work and do list your hobbies/interests.
7. Don't forget to list your language skills
8. Either list all your courses or give a summary. There are so many options in most disciplines that a reader does not know the width and depth of your knowledge, unless you tell them.
      The purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. In order to do that, a resume must give a complete "written picture" of you. Your cover letter must be a summary which also convinces the reader they will lose out if they do not interview you. Describe your ambitions and personality strengths.